Moore Farms - Georgia Grown Produce


Moore Farms is a locally owned family farm that has been located in Manor, GA since the 1940's. The farm was started in the 1940's by Hoke Inman and his family. They started with about 30 acres of land and grew tobacco and corn for several years. The family tradition continued in 1968 when Gene and Mary Moore took over the family farm. Moore Farms had grown into several hundred acres of row crops and produce. Tim Moore started helping run the farm in 1986 and has helped it grow into a 1,100 acre produce farm. His wife Barbara began helping him on the farm in 1992 when they were married and they eventually took over the farm in 2006. Moore Farms is now shipping produce like Pepper, Eggplant, Cucumber, Specialty Peppers, and Hard Squash all over the East coast. We also sell our produce to the public at the farm and have a U-Pick program that allows people to come and pick/buy fresh tomatoes right off the farm. Moore Farms is certified by Primus and has only the highest quality of fresh produce.


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